Jeff Blue is a Talented Songwriter

Jeff Blue is a talented multi-platinum music professional currently signed with BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing. Jeff is also the founder and CEO of Jeff Blue Music, a full-service entertainment company in Los Angeles, California. Jeff has dedicated more than 25 years to recruiting and developing unsigned artists, including worldwide sensations Linkin Park, Macy Gray and The Last Goodnight.

Not only is Jeff a multi-platinum music producer, but he is also a talented songwriter, someone who has written hit singles for several artists including Macy Gray, Syndicate, Hoobastank and The Last Goodnight. Jeff, throughout the course of his career, has also been the executive producer for many multi-platinum artists and platinum movie soundtracks, including the hit soundtrack for the “Queen of the Damned” movie starring the late pop star, Aaliyah. His hard work and dedication has resulted in more than 130 million record sales worldwide.

In 2009, Jeff Blue was working at Virgin Records, signing The Last Goodnight to the label. Jeff began working with the band, co-writing and performing his worldwide award-winning hits, “Pictures of You,” and “Stay Beautiful,” which appeared on their debut album “Poison Kiss.” In 2009, Jeff earned a BMI Award for his song “Pictures of You.” The hit single “Stay Beautiful,” earned the title best song of the year in Australia and was the number three song in 2009 in nine countries. Jeff, currently signed to BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing, continues to write hit songs for artists he has signed. He recently co-wrote 20 songs with singers and songwriters Riot Child who are currently signed to a joint venture with BMG Chrysalis Music Publishing and Jeff’s company Rock Shop Music Group.

Jeff Blue is an Accomplished A&R Executive

Jeff Blue has a way of discovering and developing unsigned artists into worldwide musical sensations. For over 25 years, Jeff has worked as an A&R executive for some of the largest record labels in the industry. Starting out at Zomba Music Publishing, Jeff quickly rose in rank while working with a local, unsigned band, a group now known as the worldwide rock phenomenon Linkin Park. In 2000, after four years of development, Jeff Blue signed as the Sr. VP of A&R with Warner Bros. Records, signing and executive producing Linkin Park’s worldwide, record breaking album, “Hybrid Theory.”

His time at Warner Bros. Records was productive. Jeff signed DJ Ashba, famed Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Daniel Powter, writer of the smash hit “Bad Day,” and was the executive producer of the multi-platinum soundtrack to the “Queen of the Damned” movie starring late singer Aaliyah. Jeff continued to make a name for himself in the industry, becoming the Sr. VP of A&R and Staff Producer at Interscope Records and RCA Records before moving on to Virgin Records in 2009 where he worked with the band The Last Goodnight, co-writing and performing on his award-winning hit “Pictures of You.” The song earned Jeff a BMI Songwriting Award for the most played song of the year in 2009.

Jeff Blue continued to enjoy his success, eventually starting his own talent development company in 2009, Rock Shop Music Group. During their first three years in business, the company managed to close four major label signings. Jeff is currently working with Riot Child, an all-girl pop rock band he discovered in Sweden.

Jeff Blue’s Ambitions Extend into the Art World

For over 25 years, Jeff Blue has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. As an A&R executive for six major labels, an award-winning songwriter, and multi-platinum music producer, Jeff has enjoyed the chance to work with such talented groups as Korn, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, The Last Goodnight, Macy Gray and numerous other big name artists. A continual success when it came to signing and developing unknown artists, Jeff started looking for a way to expand his portfolio. In 2014, Jeff made the decision to step out of his comfort zone and into the art world.

Jeff is teaming up with legendary celebrity designer Rick Laborico, to start a new business venture they’re calling Rock Shop Art. Rick Laborico is best known for the designs he created for Christina Aguilera, Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, Michael Jordan’s mansion in Chicago, and the Tyler Perry House, which won the highly esteemed AIA Residential Award in 2004. His work has been featured in a number of magazines including Architectural Digest, Angelino Magazine, and Los Angeles.

Using mixed media to create cutting-edge pieces, the two legends are gaining interest in the art world. Their unique architectural designs have found their way into countless movies and magazines across the world. The most popular pieces are those created with actual guitars, chromed or dipped in tar from sessions with multi-platinum artists, brushed and polished aluminum installations, 12’ x 8’ custom colored mirrors, and custom glass tables.

Rock Shop Art’s unique pieces are available through private showroom viewings in the exclusive Hollywood Hills villas and in select stores on Sunset Boulevard.

Jeff Blue - Rock Shop Art

Legendary music producer, A&R executive and songwriter Jeff Blue is teaming with acclaimed celebrity designer Rick Laborico to create a new enterprise they're calling Rock Shop Art.

The two men are garnering interest in the art world by using mixed media to create modern visions. Their architectural designs have been featured in countless movies and magazines worldwide. In highest demand are actual guitars, chromed or dipped in tar from sessions with multiplatinum artists, 12’ x 8’ custom colored mirrors, brushed and polished aluminum installations and custom glass tables.

Jeff Blue has enjoyed an extraordinary career in the music business. He is responsible for discovering, developing and producing some of the biggest names in the business, including Korn, Macy Gray, Linkin Park and Hoobastank. He has been the Senior Vice President of A&R at five major record labels, and is a BMI Award Winning songwriter. He is also a music attorney who earned his law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and has been a music publicist and music journalist.

Rick Laborico is best known for his designs for Christina Aguilera, Moby, Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, Michael Jordan's mansion in Chicago, and the Tyler Perry House, which in 2004 won the prestigious AIA Residential Award. His work has been featured in spreads in Architectural Digest, Los Angeles, and Angelino Magazine, among others.

The work produced by their Rock Shop Art venture is available in select stores on Sunset Boulevard, as well as through private showroom viewings in the elite Hollywood Hills villas.